Online Pay Stub 
What are Online Pay Stubs?
Idaho is the third state to offer Online Pay Stubs to their state employees.  This self-service feature allows state employees  to view their pay stub information from the internet one week prior to their actual pay date.  The information available on Online Pay Stubs includes; leave balances, deductions, net pay, direct deposit detail, tax status and tax withholdings.

How do Online Pay Stubs Work?
State employees can access Online Pay Stubs after they log on to the Application Selection Menu using their user name, agency code and password.  An Online Pay Stub is created when a state employee's time is submitted to the State Controller's Office and payroll processing is complete.  The Online Pay Stub is created from the payroll information and posted on the Web. 

What are the Benefits of Online Pay Stubs?

State Employees:
View Online Pay Stub one week earlier than paper pay stub
Does not pass through four to six other peoples' hands
Available 24/7, anywhere there is internet access
History of Online Pay Stubs for a complete calendar year
Quickly compare pay stubs from pay period to pay period
Blind/visually impaired can more easily access their data
State Agencies:
Viewing Online Pay Stubs early helps payroll staff in problem situations
Mailing distribution costs are minimized
Personnel time spent distributing is saved for other administrative duties
Additional Online Pay Stub Information

Security has been at the top of the State Controller's Office priority list since the inception of the Online Pay Stubs project and it continues to be a top priority.  From our view, we see the Online Pay Stub being more secure than the paper stub.  It does not have to pass through multiple hands to get from the printer to the employee.  Therefore, the employee is the only person with access to his/her password information.  Even SCO staff is not granted access to this information.  Although we cannot guarantee absolute confidentiality of data transmitted over the public Internet, we encrypt all data transmissions between employee computers and our data center using strong industry standard security protocols. 

Our LAN team prides itself on giving their best effort to assure online security and privacy. They have an effective backup/recovery and redundancy plan in place if needed.

State of Idaho employees are public servants, which means some of their information is public record. The employee’s class code, pay grade, rate of pay, etc. are public information.  The areas on the Online Pay Stub that are not open to public record are the employee deductions, net pay and tax information.

How to Handle the Situation Where Employees Have No Internet Access or Shared Internet Access:
In the state of Idaho, we still have many employees who do not have access to the Internet or who share Internet access with their co-workers.   Having Online Pay Stubs on the internet made it possible for many of these same employees to view their stubs from their homes. 

In addition, the online pay stubs are available for viewing one week prior to pay day.  This allows employees to view their pay stub at their convenience, even those who share the same PC with co-workers. 
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